Building Futures, Plate by Plate

We are a POC and woman-owned-and-operated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing workforce training in the hospitality industry. We primarily serve employment-eligible youth in the East Bay. The organization's story begins at the REACH Ashland Youth Center in San Leandro, CA as a youth cooking program. From Seed 2 Feed is back in full force!

Our Mission - Empower East Bay youth for hospitality careers through training and mentorship. Fight hunger with our "Buy One, Donate One" meals.

Building Careers, Fighting Hunger

The Problem

East Bay youth suffer from food insecurity and lack access to hospitality industry skills training. From Seed 2 Feed addresses both needs through training and community meals.

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Our Solution

"Kitchen Ninja" provide East Bay youth with comprehensive training for careers in the hospitality industry while the "Buy One, Donate One" meals program fights food insecurity.

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You Can Help

Empower East Bay youth! Invest in From Seed 2 Feed's future. Donate to support our programs or buy meals to fight hunger and build careers.

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From Seed 2 Feed bridges the workforce readiness gap through their signature program, Kitchen Ninja.  This year-long program provides East Bay youth with the tools and support they need to thrive in the hospitality industry:

  • In-depth Culinary Skills: Kitchen Ninja goes beyond basic cooking, equipping youth with the technical skills necessary for success in professional kitchens.
  • Menu Management: Understanding menu costing and writing is crucial for restaurants. Graduates are equipped with this vital knowledge.
  • Soft Skills Development: The program recognizes the importance of soft skills like customer service and professional conduct which is necessary to excel .
  • Mentorship Beyond Skills: Kitchen Ninja offers mentorship that goes beyond culinary training like educational assistance, and financial literacy guidance. 
  • Job Placement Connection: From Seed 2 Feed connects graduates with job opportunities upon program completion.
Workforce Training Youth
Healthy Prepared Meals

Healthy Meals

From Seed 2 Feed addresses food insecurity through their innovative "Buy One, Donate One" program:

  • Delicious, Healthy Meals: The program offers a line of pre-packaged meals featuring healthy comfort foods with options catering to special dietary needs. This ensures the meals are accessible and nutritious for those in need.
  • Direct Food Donation: For every meal purchased, From Seed 2 Feed donates a meal to a local food bank. This directly tackles food insecurity by providing meals to vulnerable individuals and families in the East Bay.
  • Practical Application for Graduates: Upon completing Kitchen Ninja, graduates gain practical experience by preparing and packaging the donated meals. This connects their culinary training to a social cause, fostering a sense of community responsibility.

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